About Me

  • BSc Sport Science
  • MSc Strength & Condition
  • Previous (In no particular order)
    • Academy Football(Soccer)
    • Academy Rugby
    • Premiership Rugby
    • Athletics
    • Exercise Physiology Research Lab
  • BASES Accredited Sport Scientist
  • Interest Areas
    • Training Load (GPS, HR, Psychometric, MSK……)
    • Integration of physical and performance based metrics
    • Manipulation of various data to create customised metrics and/or analytics
    • Injury Analysis
      • Hint of injury prediction (I know but its what all the cool kids are doing!)
    • Data Science (Excel, R, Python, SQL, DAX, Tableau, Analytics, Visualisation, Statistics, Machine Learning etc.)
  • Why the blog?
    • Sharing is caring
    • Try to cover an aspect of practical work often glossed over but used extensively
    • Putting thoughts on paper
    • Writing about my journey as I discover what’s possible in data analytics
  • R Scripts covered in blog plus others available on GitHub

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